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reply to evanooo

Re: [hard drive] cant recover deleted files from SSD

said by evanooo :

i tried recover right after erase, so nothing was overwritten
its a drive not used for temp files or anything so it wasnt used
im very sure if it was a mechanical drive i would have recovered files

The below assumes you are trying to recover data which was stored on an active system partition (OS files live there).

What you're seeing is the result of

+ much less slack space to work with on an SSD
+ SSD speed means OS is tempted to use it more as a RAM extension than if a mechanical drive
= areas marked as available when trash is emptied gets quickly re-used.

Whenever wanting to recover data that was saved inside same partition as that used by the system files one always wants to immediately shut down, pull the drive, and slave it to another machine* to perform the recovery. This makes the drive a passive member of another system and the data you wish to recover won't be overwritten by normal running of the OS and apps.

Without knowing your system and what has been done with it since the trash was emptied it's impossible to guess likelihood that the data you seek has already been overwritten. You'll have to make the assessment of whether it's worth pulling the drive and how disruptive to your life it is to slave to another machine.

Wishing you luck...

* which has been instructed to exclude slaved drive from use by the pagefile