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reply to outsidecage

Re: [BC] Lost my Job now my internet

said by outsidecage :

Its sicking to me. Seriously it does make me ill dealing with people that enjoy not understanding internet engineering.

Oh its like watching paint dry easy to me but evades them....

Oh its not that they don't understand...

Service Center 101:
A)If you appear to be capable of something, your supervisors will demand that something... constantly. Thus pretending to be as ignorant as the average peon tends to save you this extra work because...
B)Everyone in that service tier is being paid the same hourly rate, now matter how much work they do or how well they do it.

That's how people adapt to working in oversized companies in a society that makes money is the bottom line.

In fact in this environment, Its more common than not for these agents to develop tricks just to get out of doing thier job.

I know first hand back to the days I did a bit of work with HP/AOL support. Agents were given a 2 week training course and apparently then could solve any issue, even those who never owned or used a computer before..

When they would be presented with a difficult issue like troubleshooting an internet connection (mostly dial in back then), the agent would realize they have no clue and simply get the user to open up hyperterninal, shoot a few ATDT commands at the modem and get the user disconnected from the phone system, forcing them to call in and wait again in the long distance queue; at which point the disgruntled caller was somebody elses problem.

Par for the course my friend.. par for the course...