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Fiber Optic Cable - DO NOT DIG!

Hi guys
I live in Frankfort, Me.

I remember years ago Verizon digging in the ditch out in front of my house, and since then there's been a sign that says "Fiber Optic Cable - Do Not Dig" stuck in the ground.
The little building that houses all the switching stuff for my area is not far down the road from me.....my friend saw a tech truck there so he stopped and talked to them.

They said something about 15mbps being available within the next 6 months.

I hope it's true.....and I hope it s good......cause this DSl is bad bad bad......and has been for a few years......it wasn't quite this bad way back when I first got it when Verizon owned it.

Please tell me it's true

Milford, NH
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Only FairPoint knows for sure. You can try calling but they probably will not tell you anything until they announce publicly.

It is my understanding FairPoint is not expanding FIOS aka FAST. If FIOS is already built out customers can get it but their focus is expanding ADSL footprint in VT, NH, ME.

In the short term you are probably stuck with DSL. What problem are you having? DSL service here in Southern NH has been stable but I know from this forum there have been lots of problems in Maine.




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reply to FPsUx

They might be running the Fiber out from the cetral office to where people can't get DSL and then put in a Node, to expand their service. That's how they're expanding dsl in NH, for people that live too far away from thier CO. Next time you see them, drill them on what they are doing.