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reply to shaner

Re: [Serious] Nurse who transferred prank call commits suicide

said by shaner:

This was not a prank gone wrong. This was the management of a mental health issue gone wrong. Frankly, the more I think about it, the very hospital this woman worked for is more culpable in her death than the DJ's are. They had direct involvement with her immediately following the incident and chose to leave her alone instead of supervising her for possible suicidal tendencies. Clearly, they felt the prank was harmless as well, and they are the health professionals.

You're making a lot of assumptions about this woman's mental health, and even more assumptions about what the hospital did or didn't do.

I stand by my earlier statement, which is that this was a transgression of ethics by the two dipshits that made this call. It's not like other such pranks, like the amusing one where a Quebec DJ called Sarah Palin and pretended to be Nicolas Sarkozy. Why? Because whether or not Palin would have liked to go hunting with him from a helicopter does not infringe on legalities like medical confidentiality and basic personal privacy. There were some major ethical issues involved here and if we're going to make assumptions, it would seem more realistic to assume that the gravity of these issues was the major contributor to the nurse's distress over this.

said by PX Eliezer70:

But this wasn't funny, just downright malicious. And stupid, considering the other violations done by this station....

But while I don't think those Australians could envision what would come, and while they may be responsible only for a violation of broadcast law (not for a death), the two of them need to STFU and disappear for a couple of years.


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