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Sprint Employee Discount

I have been getting an employee discount on my family shared plan through my employer. I recently upgraded my the phone on one of my add-on lines. Now i got a text msg saying sprint needs to verify my eligblity. I am thinking about sending my pay stub.

Does sprint actually contact my employer and ask if i in fact work there?

My main line is still on month to month...if i verify discount , does that mean sprint will automatically renew 2 yrs on this main line? do i lose my upgrade discount then?

Will all 3 of my lines be auto renewed 2 yrs?


Victoria, TX
Not sure about the auto renew, but I went through the same thing a couple of months ago. I was on a discount plan from my former employer at 23%. I only qualify for 15% with my current employer. The verification process only involved providing my email address at work. They sent a verification email to that address. Because the domain was registered with Sprint, my discount continued, but at the lower 15%. Oh well...


Pennsville, NJ
reply to St0ney
Be careful. Alittle reading and I found that Sprint only provides discount on services over 30 bux. Meaning that if your on a family plan as I am only the initial line costs 119 ish and is the only amt the discount is applied to. Also it says by accepting the discount that it extends your contract by 2 years. Note : It dosnt change device upgrade dates. just contract. Your best bet is to call and document everything with operator ID and such.

Just sayin