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reply to skeechan

Re: Magic Mouse Problem

said by skeechan:

I prefer the trackpad for everything except AutoCAD. I got a Henge Dock Clique for my wireless keyboard and trackpad and it's pretty slick.

I really like that.

I was going the remote desktop route to my mini but realized an actual Apple keyboard would be helpful and the small one is nice and fits behind my other keyboard (almost under it) when not used on my under desk keyboard/mouse draw.

I also have a cable on order to allow me to use another input on my 27" monitor. I know, slippery slope...

I'm on the fence about the mouse. I may try exchanging it and buy the Trackpad as well and see what works for me.

Edit: Not so great reviews on Amazon for that frame. Says it's a bit too tight for the Trackpad. How did you get on?
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It depends on the trackpad. One trackpad it fits tight on the sides and what happens is when you click, it holds the click down. My other trackpad fits great. So the two trackpads are not the same size; not sure if it is height, width or what. In any event, a small emory board would probably loosen up the frame with little problem if ya got a sticky one.