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reply to shaner

Re: [Serious] Nurse who transferred prank call commits suicide

said by shaner:

said by Warez_Zealot:

I hope they have their asses fired and get black listed from ever working in the industry again.

Why? For making a prank call? Which is pretty much an industry staple in the morning DJ world?

Look, there is absolutely no way these two morons could have predicted this particular outcome. No possible way. Now, I call them morons because, frankly, the original joke simply wasn't funny. But, the joke really had no malicious intent whatsoever, and once again, they never, ever could have envisioned this outcome. And there wouldn't be calls for their heads if this woman had not killed herself.

Hey, even the venerable Peter Funt of Candid Camera fame sides with the DJ's.

This is a good viewpoint as well. Even Prince Charles initially laughed off the prank and kind of validated it as somewhat amusing.


Look, I think her suicide is the tragedy, not the prank call. I want there to be an honest discussion about mental health issues, and the underlying reasons for suicide and what can be done to prevent these kind of tragedies before they even happen. That is the discussion we should be having, not one about whether these DJ's are criminally responsible for the choice someone else made. Period.

If these DJ's are responsible for this poor woman's death, then the sanctimonious crowd needs to step back and think about the times in their lives they may have even snickered at another person's misfortune. Like watching America's Funniest Home Videos for example.

This was not a prank gone wrong. This was the management of a mental health issue gone wrong. Frankly, the more I think about it, the very hospital this woman worked for is more culpable in her death than the DJ's are. They had direct involvement with her immediately following the incident and chose to leave her alone instead of supervising her for possible suicidal tendencies. Clearly, they felt the prank was harmless as well, and they are the health professionals.

They should definitely be made an example of. Might make other "DJ's" think twice before they do something so stupid. Making the radio station civilly responsible would also be a good option for the family. Sue them and get a bit chunk of change. They should even go after the DJ's directly as well. Obviously these people don't think they did anything wrong because this line of work is their bread and butter.
"You're not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it."-Malcolm X