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reply to eeeaddict

Re: what exactly does the install tech do?

said by eeeaddict:

Friend is getting service tomorrow (cable) and is wondering what exactly the tech will do?(ie will he run a cable to modem) Also he asks if the modem is in the basement can he bring it upstairs (assuming the plug is active)?

Teksavvy should have all the info on their website to explain what your install fee pays.

Don't they tell you in black and white what you install fee consists of? I never looked. But they should. They were involved in a million fight at the CRTC that explained all this.

Maybe it's in one of the teksavvy FAQs here? If it isn't, maybe you should demand that it should be?

Maybe one of teksavvy;s forum employee's will reply here to you detailing what your money goes towards? Or maybe 3 different forum employee's will say they are sorry and to post in the direct forum?