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Brook Park, OH
·WOW Internet and..
reply to adam1991

Re: Billing system--let's get this straight

This whole thing reminds of when Page Plus Cellular, my cell phone provider, first made the sudden, gargantuan leap about 3 years ago from being a sleepy mom-n-pop pay-by-the-minute prepaid provider to a "big boy" providing $39.95/month unlimited talk n' text going head-to-head with Straight Talk and Boost.

Page Plus didn't beef up their customer service enough to handle the onslaught of new customers. Their CS became almost impossible to reach. At one time, most calls to PPC's CS number would result in an "all circuits are busy" and super duper long hold times (comparable to WOW's now). And when you finally did get a hold of a CS agent, you'd often get a rude, incompetent agent.

PPC survived this and their CS has improved drastically in the past year or so. Several months back, they started to offer a Live Chat feature which has been mostly great. It would be nice if WOW offered a Live Chat... just seems to be a more efficient way of doing CS/TS... easier to communicate info via a chat session then verbally over the phone.

Hopefully WOW will recover from this really soon... we desperately need the competition!


Cleveland, OH
Why would hiring more people help. If it is just a system upgrade, shouldn't the same amount of help as before be enough? What kind of "upgrade" upsets customers and adds to wows labor cost?

Something else is going on.


Columbus, OH
reply to slyphoxj
yes, I'm with PagePlus. When I got onto it a few years ago, CS was superb. New Year's Day, even. I'm on the standard plan, never left it.

But I watched the drama unfold on Howard Forums as PagePlus rolled out their Unlimited Talk 'N' Text for $40/month a couple of years ago. Yes, this seems very similar--

--except WOW has done nothing to create any customer activity, let alone the level that PagePlus saw with the then-unprecedented plan and price.

I can understand the PagePlus situation. Imagine if Honda decided to sell the 2013 Civic for $8000 out the door--that's the situation PagePlus found itself in.

For WOW to be in this situation, they had to have fired everyone and outsourced all the CS all at once to people who are brand new to it. WOW has done NOTHING that would suddenly generate 30X the customer service calls and a 50 minute wait time.

Eliminate the impossible and whatever remains, however improbable, must be true. If it's not an onslaught of business, it's the sudden death of all the CS that we've experienced over the years. It's just not there.

The guy at the local office said that "by February" "everything" should be up and running and back to normal again. "They're training 250 new CS reps" and something about a "new call center". Yeah, it all adds up:

the "billing system change" was in actuality an outsourcing of the billing system; the outsource company executed it poorly and without any sort of recovery, and WOW doesn't really care figuring that this will all "blow over".

An additional part of the outsourcing was the CS business, which again was executed poorly by the outsource company. Hence the talk about "250 new hires" and "new call center". It looks like WOW threw out everyone who knew anything, and counted on the outsource company and their promises about their "experienced people" (that turned out to be Aunt Martha on a candlestick phone, apparently).

All because the venture (vulture) capitalists who own WOW figured this would make them more money.

WOW is now nothing more than just another T-W/Cox/Comcast big boy. The old days are long gone.

But it may be too little, too late. Cord cutting is way too easy nowadays.