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[Express] DPC3825 LED lights

Hi everyone,

I just got the Rogers express bundle today with new DPC 3825 modem. Right now its in bridge mode with my DLink router and wireless is running fine with speedtest @ 22Mbps down and 1.9Mbps up (advertised 25/2).

Problem is when I turn off the modem by disconnecting the power, and then turn it back on by reconnecting power cable. It takes forever (5 - 7 mins) for all the lights to settle. Also the 2nd LED light, the DS light is orange solid. This morning the first 4 lights were all green solid.

I'm suspecting that my cable coming in from the basement is the issue. The cap or crimp connector (whatever you call it :P) fell off a while back and maybe the not-so-good connection in the basement is causing a bad signal?

Suggestions? How would i fix this?



Tried the modem in a different room.
Took just 1 cycle of blinking lights to stabilize and speedtest ran @ 50/2.

So the room before has bad connection or something. I don't want to move the router and modem to another room for convenience.

Suggestions on fix?


London, ON
You need to ensure all your cable connections/lines are rock solid to avoid signal loss. A patched up network won't get the job done. Also, you need to track down the faulty line/connection and replace it. IMHO there is no alternative.


Scarborough, ON
reply to abazada
A solid amber DS LED is a warning that channel bonding is not available.

I got this just after upgrading to the CISCO; no info on Rogers, found the info on Cox Cable (U.S.). I called Rogers, they indeed had the wrong modem set up in my account, and fixing it was simple. No return or jumping from tech to tech was needed.

elitefx is right, you should have your modem set-up on a good connection. What does the WAN Status page on the router say about channels and their strengths?


Mississauga, ON
A solid amber DS LED is a warning that channel bonding is not available.

Yes, you are right about that, but in most cases problem lays in bad cabla / signal and not in bad "contract" (modems config file). If the signal is too low / too high or there is too much noise than modem will use only one channel. Usually you can see it on US (upstream) where noise issues are more common. If modem doesn't lock on all chnls on DS in most cases it indicates very low signal.

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