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Urbandale, IA
reply to Turbocpe

Re: [IA] HSI Hiccups

said by Turbocpe:

Monitor the cable modem's signal status page and see if the Downstream channel changes before and after those short outages. You may find the cable modem switching channels. Bainch outlined that Mediacom directs cable modems to less congested channels on the fly. It will cause a brief outage when the cable modem switches channels.

For some reason, only some technicians appear to know and understand this is occuring and that it is sometimes causing connectivity issues due to the amount of switching that may occur. Otherwise you get a scheduled trouble call for nothing. A DOCSIS 3 modem that channel bonds will "fix" this issue since Mediacom can't appear to better control the channel hopping.

I was reading something about that the other day - I can't recall if it was here, or on the Mediacom forums. That may just end up being the route I take. If memory serves me one of the reasons that I haven't yet done that is because I can't swap the phone modem out at the local office. Or I'm crazy. If it were a daily occurrence, I'd have made it a bigger priority. Sometimes I'll go a few weeks without having any issues. I'll keep an eye on the downstream channel info for now.
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