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Murrieta, CA


I LOL'd myself... OP should have reported cut fiber line the day it happened!!
his own fault for not reporting it months ago!!
(not gonna go into the specifics as to why VZ's system went goofy here)

I waited about a month and a half for my 2nd FIOS line.. but I knew it would be a wait when I placed the order and talked with engineering.
When I got the 1st line I ordered it 9am, by 9AM the next day Verizon was out to install it. Of course we were the 2nd city nationwide to receive FIOS so verizon at the time was anxious to get it deployed back then...quickly.
and it has worked FLAWLESSLY since.. that was in... uhh.. uhm... 2005 I think, I'm old I don't remember or was it 2006? or was it .. ahh hell I don't remember...


I DID report the line was cut the day it was cut!!! Verizon told me since we did not have Verizon services at the time, they were not coming out to fix it unless we were switching back to Fios.

And its NOT my job to have to make calls to different departments! I called Verizon CUSTOMER SERVICE! I am a CUSTOMER. It's THEIR job to make sure the proper departments are assigned to my order.
They are incompetent!!!
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