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Cincinnati, OH
reply to Augurey

Re: Moving Soon...Fioptics a smart switch?

The routers they hand out for Fioptics all of them have Wi-Fi built in whether or not they will charge you five dollar's I do not know you would have to ask the sales person. Regards to your router it depends on what kind of Fioptics your address qualifies for their are two versions. One is Fiber to the home or know as FTTH. Which will be no problem to put the Cincinnati Bell router into bridge mode to use your own cisco router. The second version is Fiber to the node also known as FTTN. You would get a ZYXEL Modem and ZTE IPTV set top boxes. With Fiber to the node you have two options. Option 1 you buy a router that support IGMP proxying which you need for the TV portion to work or option two turn off the wireless antenna in the ZYXEL Modem and plug your router into an Ethernet port either way you can use your router.

To answer your second question it depends. If you have Fiber to the home than TV viewing does not effect bandwidth. But!!! If you have fiber to the node than every TV that your turn on uses 7MB of bandwidth. But they will have your modem trained higher than you set download speed usually around 50MB or a little bit lower depending on how far away you are from the telephone cabinet and the condition of the copper wiring in the neighborhood. I would recommend 20MB if you play games to have a little more bandwidth. Turn off the boxes when not in use that way they do not use bandwidth.

To answer your third question I believe the picture quality is better than satellite and cable but their are some people on this forum who would disagree with me. Their is no 3D content available with Fioptics whether they will add any or not I do not know.