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reply to AnonMan

Re: I.P. Address doesn't change on UVerse?

said by AnonMan :

Best way is to log into your modem, see when the IP is set to renew and make sure to have it unplugged for a few hours during that window it would normally renew.

In my 3600 modem, there is a "Link Tree" under the diagnostics tab. In that tree is an entry \-->dhcp0 is UP. Clicking on dhcp0, I see something like this:
DHCP LEASE:             
  ISSUED ADDR:           aa.b.ccc.ddd
  ACQUIRED:              Fri Dec  7 16:06:18 CST 2012 (past)
  RENEW:                 Fri Dec 14 16:06:18 CST 2012 +108.3 hours
  REBIND:                Wed Dec 19 22:06:18 CST 2012 +234.3 hours
  EXPIRES:               Fri Dec 21 16:06:18 CST 2012 +11.57 days
If I understand this correctly, the renewal is scheduled on 12/14 but, even if I delayed renewing the IP, by disconnecting the modem, I would still have to wait until the expiration, 12/21 before I would get a different IP?

The way out of that is to issue a DHCP release. But, I don't see a DHCP release button on the modem.

As far as I'm concerned, it is more than just a torrent issue. It is advertising networks whose business is to mind my business that I think about. Static IP addresses (or static like addresses) are beginning to be viewed as PII (Personally identifiable information).
»healthprivacy.blogspot.com/2011/ ··· ata.html

I have to say with this Uverse, that I do not like the lengthy DHCP leases along with no DHCP release function available in the modem.