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Hazy Arc

Greenwood, SC
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[iPhone] iOS Inventory Scanner

Hi All:

We currently have a web form that I've developed that ties directly to our inventory database. Our folks have been taking handheld scanners and a laptop and scanning our technology inventory (with barcodes) to mark as "done".

In order to expedite this process, is there an app for iOS devices that will scan a barcode and output the code into our web form so that we could take inventory from our phones rather than lugging a laptop around?

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Mentor, OH
There are several scanner apps on IOS. I don't know about how you would point them directly to you form on your web site.
You could talk to one of the app developers and maybe they could customize the code for you?
An app I picked up to try was pic2shop. It's not very accurate, as sometimes it will show a different product from the one that I scanned.
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