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TSI Jonathan
reply to eeeaddict

Re: what exactly does the install tech do?

said by eeeaddict:

Friend is getting service tomorrow (cable) and is wondering what exactly the tech will do?(ie will he run a cable to modem) Also he asks if the modem is in the basement can he bring it upstairs (assuming the plug is active)?

Hi eeeaddict,

Installs are not always similar, depending on what your location is and it's current setup. First we have to take consideration of the physical location. Is it a house, duplex, condo, apartment complex, etc. Is the demarcation point inside the house, outside the house, in a specific room from an apartment building, etc.

By the sound of what you described you must be in a house as you have a basement and a main level. If you currently have jacks then they will use the existing ones. The tech usually makes sure the signal gets to your location fine. If not, then he needs to solve the issue. If you have a jack upstairs and downstairs, you should be able to use either or. You can always confirm with the technician when he comes over.

There are different scenarios techs/customers may run into which could make your install completely easy or make it a little more complex one.

Sorry if this sounds kind of vague. I'm sure by reading some of the experiences shared on DSLr, we can all attest that every installations are different from the others.


TSI Jonathan
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