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Brantford, ON

Outdoor Router?

Hi everyone,

I have a client that will be bringing his internet connection into a barn (unheated and uncooled) and will be broadcasting the connection with a powerful Outdoor Access Point.

Trouble is that the AP he wants to use has no router functionality, so we will need a router in the barn.

I know that there are a lot of wireless guys here, thought I'd ask around for router suggestions that can handle the temperatures of an Ontario Summer and Winter.

For what it's worth, client is looking at an Engenius ENH210EXT Access point in the barn and I may be able to convince him otherwise if someone has a good suggestion. AP has to serve two other buildings which will have repeaters, one building 150ft away, one closer to 300ft. I have line of sight, from the two buildings to the barn and can use directional antennas if needed, though I'd like to avoid having to mount anything to those buildings.



Toronto, ON
Have a try at an Ubiquiti outdoor AP instead of the Engenius!


As for a router I have no idea.


Houston, TX
reply to Kahless2k
Just put a fan on it.

I ran 2 Compaq proliant 5000 servers in my garage for 5 years before they gave up the ghost.

They were already almost 10 years old when I installed them.

Freezing in the winter and over 100 in the summer.

I have had a DL380 in the garage for about 3 years now too.

I may have been born yesterday. But it wasn't at night.

Calgary, AB
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to Kahless2k
well unless it's super ass cold the router running may keep it warm enough to be fine in the winter summer it should be ok. You're big issue is if moisture gets into the router and freezes it up. I say just try a low cost one and give it a shot. You'll also want to make sure mouse don't try and eat the cables I'd run those in PVC pipe in the cheap in the burn.

I'd build a box for it and put in some anti moisture packs or pallets.