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Fort Lauderdale, FL

DSL, ADSL, ADSL2, DSL, DSLX, Uverse, infinity, Satelite????

I'm totally confused.
First question, am I in the right forum? I have not chosen a provider, that's why I'm here, to find the right one, so I can't go to any of the provider related forums to post.

Here is my dilemma:
I'm perfectly happy for over ten years now. I have BS (now ATT) internet with DSL, that gives me 350kb/s down and 40kb/s up.
I have an antenna on top of my roof, that gives me all my local channels in full HD for FREE and I have Netflix for anything else.

I'm moving and it is a townhouse, I can't install anything (no antenna on the roof)

It looks like att offers u-verse at the new address and comcast offers infinity.

they claim lots of numbers, like 3mb down, 20mb down and all kinds of useless 200 channels of crap TV, that I'll never be watching.
In addition, some want to charge $10 for HD???? It's freeeeeeeeee for me right now for Gods sake.

Also, I read that all these numbers don't mean anything, that if the neighborhood watches TV or is on the internet speeds might come to a crawl, If the wife watches TV and I cruse the internet, the TV might skip etc. etc.

Is there a super powerful antenna for indoors, that gets me all the local channels?
Any way to get the same DSL as I have right now without paying for additional TV channels that I don't want/need?

I'm totally confused and need help. Where should I start?
If it makes a difference, the new home is in Plantation 33324

Thanks for any help


Chicago, IL
Hi Cyborg,

I know there are a few very good indoor digital antennas, some can be installed in your attic. Its my understanding any good UHF antenna will work. So those huge UHF/VHF antennas we all used to have on our roofs can still pick up digital on the UHF side. Ive been able to receive digital TV with an old antenna I installed in my attic.

As for your internet needs, maybe try shopping around for a dedicated line DSL service or shared line service from an independent provider. We offer these services, not sure about your location, but would be happy to help with other solutions we do not offer.

I live in a van down by the river.
Sugar Land, TX
Some digital/HD over the air stations are actually in the VHF band, so you still do need a VHF/UHF antenna.


Fort Lauderdale, FL
reply to Cyborg4
How can I find out about DSL service providers available in my area?

I checked with ATT and they do not provide DSL only, I only have the option to get U-verse from them.
It's expensive to get the installation, even for a slow line (3mb/s)
It probably would make more sense to get a "value package" with TV and Internet which comes with "free" installation.

If I get the local channels only and the slowest 3mb/s internet, they want $65/month and $250 for installation and equipment.

For the family channel line up and the 18mb/s internet, the installation is "free" and the monthly cost is $80.00

Again, where can I find out the different speed options with other (reliable) DSL providers in my area?


K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL
Pretty much anyplace UVERSE is available, ATT will no longer sell new DSL. If those that have it drop it, you will not be able to get it back. AAnd existing DSL can no longer be upgraded if you have the low speed versions.

Now in a big place like Ft L there might still be some independent DSL providers like Covad was (vs a reseller of ATT DSL)... But most small places UVERSE comes then DSL goes.