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Higganum, CT

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reply to cypherstream

Re: Hauge water treatment (filtration, r osmosis and softening)

Water treatment is expensive. $4K for a new system is probably a little closer to the truth.

We've got a 1.5 cubic foot softener and an acid reducer. Cost me about $1500 in equipment, I installed myself. I think our hardness was like 23, Ph was like 6.2. Iron is our biggest problem (so says my wife who's hair turned a little orange) and if I remember, I think it was like 4.5ppm We are able to control that between the acid reducer and water softener, any more and we were told we would need to get an iron filter though.

It's been working well for 5+ years now. Goes through about 10lbs of salt per regen and we regen every fourth day. Acid reducer regens every three days.

You get all sorts of opinions on water softening. I don't think it's right or wrong more than there are different ways to solve the same problem... I do think though that prices are a little higher than they need to be because of fear and uncertainty. I don't really think the treatment technologies have changed in many many years.