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Re: [Extreme] Rogers Bandwidth Counter Incorrect?

Whoa, Reinstall windows on all the computers??

I would suggest to find out what is causing the problem before going through all that work. Connect them one a time, maybe. Day by Day. Install DUmeter. If the connection is being used, you should be able to find out from what. It may not be as malicious as you think. Do you use an email client? could be a stuck email. It could be any application that has internet access may be having a problem.

Also MAC filtering offers 0 security. Your MAC address is in the clear on every packet you send to and from your router. If somebody is smart enough to get your password they are smart enough to spoof your mac. The only thing it may help with is keeping a wandering computer off an open network.

A strong WPA key is the only way to secure wifi.