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Seattle, WA
reply to JoelC707

Re: General info needed about Statute of Limitations

said by JoelC707:

OK then, show me where I said I wasn't planning on paying back my debt. I want "my own words", not some assumption from you about this being about me or you just assuming that because I'm asking I must be guilty.

No, you never said you werent planning on paying them back in those words. You asked about the statute, without any details at all. Then when you did give some details, it's about you not being able to pay and asking about the statute of limitations.

The only reason to ask about the statute of limitations and not being able to pay (like i said, voluntarily or involuntarily), what other assumption is there?

You are not offering any other reason why you would be asking about the statute and not being able to pay. You are getting very defensive about it (when you really shouldnt be) unless that is a correct assumption.

If it is an incorrect assumption, feel free to correct me. Correcting me is not just saying "no thats not what it is just because i say so". Correcting me is not just saying other things.

Correcting me is giving the info, or at the very least saying its a personal reason you do not wish to disclose that, but then that just makes the assumption have even more appearance of being correct.

Any other questions?

Lanett, AL
OK so to recap, I asked a very general question about the statute of limitations and gave no specifics. I gave no specifics because there are at least 4 different categories for SoL on debt and quite frankly I did not want it to be about any specific category (though I admit, in the beginning I didn't clarify I was talking about debt SoL).

When pressed for specifics I used one example from my own situation which happened to be CC debt. I pointed out how GA and AZ (the only two states I have officially lived in) have the same length on CC SoL so it simply does not matter in that case. I could have chosen another pair of states at random or another category (kinda wishing I had done either now....).

Your assumption that because I used a specific example from my own life, coupled with the fact I'm asking about this at all must mean I am dodging my debt is just that, an assumption. It is an incorrect one and you have been told this time and time again. And yet you continue to insist you're right and I'm wrong. WTF? Are you surprised I'm defensive now?

I have given you reasons why I would be asking about this. You chose not to accept them. Again, your problem not mine. You're not going to get any proof from me other than me telling you "you're wrong". If you think I'm going to show you some payment arrangement or anything along those lines you are sadly mistaken.