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North, VA
reply to HarryH3

Re: Hauge water treatment (filtration, r osmosis and softening)

said by HarryH3:

The previous owners of our house had a Hague water softener installed. I'm sure that they overpaid by a HUGE amount. My main problem with Hague is that you can't find ANY technical info about their stuff online. If it needs repaired or adjusted, you have to pay their "dealer" to do it. I make it a point not to buy anything from companies that operate like that.

Water softeners are cheap. RO systems are cheap to buy, but READ THE INSTRUCTIONS before you purchase one. They waste a lot of water, have multiple filters that need changed on a regular basis and require lots of maintenance. Once I got to the page that said I needed to drain and flush the storage tank with bleach every 6 months I decided against it.

Water Softeners do not waste a lot of water and definitely do not need a bleaching of the storage tank every 6 months. Contaminating the tank is careless operation by the homeowner.

I wouldn't give up mine for any amount of money but the OP is being scammed.



Jack, Reading Is Fundamental: Go back and read what I said. I was talking about RO systems. They send several gallons of water down the drain for every gallon of filtered water that they generate. The undersink ones also DO need the storage tank cleaned every 6 months, at least according to the directions that come with them.

(On a side note, water softeners only "waste" water during their regen cycle).