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Re: [MoP] LFR antics revisited

Some noobness:

- Guardians: nobody tanks them they petrify everybody, luckilly they despawn but time wasted..
- Feng: Tanks never use their abilities, melee won't move from epicenter, ranged won't move with arcane thingie, both neve move with wildfire.
- Garajal: Usually involves nobody going into spirit world, he ends up killing tanks.
- Kings: get owned by flanking or leave pools of goo in middle or leave binding arrow victims trapped.
- Elegon: the fall boss
- Will of Emperor: too many adds or they get tanked too close.

(pardon the names I forget)
1st boss HoF: pretty much nothing, I think only staying in pheromone pool kills you.
2nd boss: the distracted guy that runs away and be one shotted by special attack usually takes a couple with him that ran after him.
3rd boss, The Legs! the Pheromones! the Crush!
4th boss: Can even be one tanked with all adds up, I rarely seen a wipe here.
5th boss: pretty much easy fight, even with some dead for standing in pools, mutated players don't know what to do.
6th boss: Only thing that kills here is the long fear at phase 3, easily dispelable or totem or racial.

(camel) ToES
1st Boss, another easy fight, even if you don't dispel buffs or move from the lightning attack
2nd Boss: The raid wiper: healers won't heal during day, on night people with too many stacks, dumb tanks making him breath on whole raid (where the raid of light is)
3rd Boss: Add management, focus 1 add, burn, all adds die, the usually one shot non tanks.
4th Boss, fears, standing outside wall, DPS needs to go kill adds, get back to the wall on fear, continue DPSing, if you get pulled away, kill the add, pick up globes (or he heals back) after getting back you are fear immune and can dps adds remaining..



Saint Paul, MN
I did my first MoP LRF last night. Most of it seemed pretty straightforward, but there were a couple times I didn't know wtf was going on.

I try to scan through the dungeon journal notes, and I look for any RED "!" next to it, since thats usually important. But sometimes there is a lot of info in there, and its easy to get overwhelmed reading it all. I ususally just ended up focusing whoever the top DPS was, and sticking on their ass the whole time.

I did fall to my death on elegon though
Polluxx - LvL 90 Human Warrior - (US) Nathrezim


united state
said by Pollux7777:

I did fall to my death on elegon though

I fell my first time too. We'll both get called noobs but at least know you're not alone.

Last night was the first night I had done the Garalon raid. The main lesson I learned... switch to Destro upon entry. There were so many low hp mobs that by the time I got my seed spread in each of them and popped, they were dead. And I probably only had my dots spread on 5-8 of them (less than half) by that time. I was down in 8th or 9th on the DPS charts (when I was 1st in the previous two LFRs). I need to singe all their little wings next time.


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What are you guys talking about... I do it on a weekly basis.