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Lincroft, NJ
reply to IowaCowboy

Re: [TiVo] TiVo might be failing

IDK, you may want to pursue having your TiVo repaired/replaced to get the value out of your Lifetime Subscription:

From: »www3.tivo.com/abouttivo/policies···ent.html

14. Product Lifetime Subscriptions. A "Product Lifetime Subscription" to the TiVo service covers the life of the TiVo DVR you buy – not the life of the subscriber. The Product Lifetime Subscription accompanies the TiVo DVR in case of ownership transfer. The subscription remains in effect if the TiVo DVR needs to be repaired or replaced due to a malfunction (see manufacturer or retailer warranty details) or even if you upgrade your TiVo DVR to increase storage capacity (though such upgrades, if not performed by TiVo or a TiVo-authorized third party, will void the warranty on your TiVo DVR and constitute a breach of this Agreement). Because a Product Lifetime Subscription is linked to a particular TiVo DVR, you may not transfer it to any other TiVo DVR unless all the following conditions apply: (a) the TiVo DVR is being replaced pursuant to the manufacturer's or retailer's warranty; and (b) the TiVo DVR being replaced is of the same make and model as the replacement TiVo DVR; and (c) you provide us with a proof of replacement by the manufacturer or retailer. TiVo reserves the right to charge you a fee to transfer Product Lifetime Service from a TiVo DVR being replaced to a replacement TiVo DVR. Each TiVo DVR purchased requires its own TiVo service subscription and activation. Of course, hardware products don't last forever and their lifespan will vary. TiVo makes no warranties or representations as to the expected lifetime of the TiVo DVR (aside from the manufacturer's or retailer's warranty).

Iowa native
Springfield, MA

The TiVo is out of warranty. I am wondering where I could get a TiVo repaired.

Maybe the Best Buy Geek Squad repairs them.


James Creek, PA

geek squad... ha... it'd cost you less to buy a new TiVo box then have them repair one...



I wouldn't let the geek squad tell me what time it is.

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ
reply to neufuse

From what I was told by Geek Squad member as well as other Best Buy employees, they don't actually fix anything in store but instead send it out to a third party for repairs.