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Saint Paul, MN
reply to djlar

Re: [MoP] LFR antics revisited

I did my first MoP LRF last night. Most of it seemed pretty straightforward, but there were a couple times I didn't know wtf was going on.

I try to scan through the dungeon journal notes, and I look for any RED "!" next to it, since thats usually important. But sometimes there is a lot of info in there, and its easy to get overwhelmed reading it all. I ususally just ended up focusing whoever the top DPS was, and sticking on their ass the whole time.

I did fall to my death on elegon though
Polluxx - LvL 90 Human Warrior - (US) Nathrezim


united state
said by Pollux7777:

I did fall to my death on elegon though

I fell my first time too. We'll both get called noobs but at least know you're not alone.

Last night was the first night I had done the Garalon raid. The main lesson I learned... switch to Destro upon entry. There were so many low hp mobs that by the time I got my seed spread in each of them and popped, they were dead. And I probably only had my dots spread on 5-8 of them (less than half) by that time. I was down in 8th or 9th on the DPS charts (when I was 1st in the previous two LFRs). I need to singe all their little wings next time.


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What are you guys talking about... I do it on a weekly basis.