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analog andy

Surrey, BC
reply to zod5000

Re: Basic cable - rep say digital box required... Huh?

I thought it was kinda weird to say I can't downgrade unless I take the box? I just wanted to get the basic but after hearing that I just told her to cancel my subscription on top of that she said it was going to be $41+ which is kinda insane for 27 channels.

Calgary, AB
Personal TV on their site says $34.90 (needs a box)
I can't find basic TV though.

» ··· l-basic/
I found this for Digital Basic, which I believe is basic with the free digital channels, so it probably is $41.95, seems a little high too to me too...
Yes, I am not employed and looking for IT work. Have passport, will travel.

analog andy

Surrey, BC
All I wanted to do is get the lowest possible package, mostly for news and Wheel/Jeopardy for out 92 year old grandma while the rest of us watched netfix/hulu/internet

So whats this package » ··· onal-tv/ ? It say 19.95 for "new" customers and $34.90 regular price/excisting customer. I wasn't even sure why she said $41+

This is from their site

» ··· stomers/

In order to continue watching channels such as A&E, TLC, Discovery, CNN, The Score and Food Network, you will need a Digital Box for your TV.

Your Basic Cable channels (like Global, CTV, CBC, NBC, etc.) will still be available on any TV not connected to a Digital Box.