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Hilo, HI
reply to chachazz

Re: [WIN8] Restore Points?

said by chachazz:

Has System Restore ever been reliable?
The system must be at a state of rest for some time; restore points aren't made while in use.

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That looks useful. Thanks!

The system is at rest while I sleep but default setting for maintenance tasks was 3:00AM. I am awake then usually and may or may not be on the computer. I note that the one automatic restore point was at 4:16AM. Since I got this computer, I got my days and nights really backwards (very easy for a night owl to do) so I was up until 6AM some nights trying to figure out something about Windows 8, so, I wonder if System Restore gave up on automatic restore points because it was erratic times I was not on the computer? I set it just now to do maintenance tasks at 5AM (don't plan to stay up that late anymore) so, I will watch to see if now it will make auto restore points. Sam Knows does its testing between x:40 and x:00 each hour so maybe that activity was interfering with a default 3AM maintenance tasks schedule also.
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The standard Windows 7 SystemRestore task starts only if, at the appointed time, the system has been idle for at least 10 minutes and is on AC power. I would suppose Windows 8 to be similar.

These values can be adjusted in the Task Scheduler.