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Hilo, HI
reply to OZO

Re: [WIN8] Restore Points?

said by OZO:

said by Mele20:

I depend on System Restore and I expect an automatic restore point daily.

I'm sorry it's failed now (due to a new bug or whatever reason). But you may create a new scheduled task, that will make RP every day.

my disk on my XP computer is too full to make system restore automatic points,

I hope you know that in XP you can easily limit disk space allocated for that purpose. Older RP's will be deleted automatically...

What I meant (but said very poorly) was that it makes only one restore point for some time now and has deleted all others. I used to have 90 days of restore points when the disk was maybe 1/2 full...then that shrank to 60, then 30 and now just one. In fact, Windows turned off System Restore on XP when my free space dropped to about 15% and I couldn't even defrag (not that XP needs that often). I deleted everything I could then and now have about 20% free space so System Restore was turned back on by Windows. (I haven't needed more than 30 days of points in years but if I had the space why not)?
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