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John Galt
Forward, March
Happy Camp

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Re: Grounding and antenna diagram - appreciate comments

Since the pole is metal, you can bond the equipment at the top directly to the pole. The overall objective is to keep everything at the same potential, so if you wait to bond to the grounding at the bottom, the potential rise will cause the magic smoke to come out.

The inductance (essentially resistance) of the metal pole is far less than the wire you would run down the pole, so the strike will take that path rather than going down the wire.
Don't ask questions -- just do as you're told.

Henderson, KY

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If I understand you correctly, bond the antennas to the metal pole, but do not connect a ground wire to the antennas and run it down the pole. Bond bottom of pole to buried ground wire as in your diagram.

After reading some comments here on DSLreports, I have decided to skip the LMR-600 and go with Andrew Heliax LDF4-50 assuming I can get it at a decent price. I have been researching cables and all of the various connectors...I don't see how you all keep it straight. It seems every brand and every size cable has a different prep. tool plus different ways to attach the connectors.

JG, thank you VERY much for your help.