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reply to Al198947

Re: [Extreme] Rogers Bandwidth Counter Incorrect?

Thanks for the responses guys. It's good to know that the problem is on my end because it would be a huge frustration to argue with Rogers that it's their problem.

I scan all my computers regularly using Microsoft Security Essentials.
There are 3 computers in my household with one of them being a Macbook Pro not used by me.

I have DUMeter installed on one of my computers and reports show that usage is normal (about 1gb per day).

IF my virus scanner didn't catch a virus. Is it possible that the virus can bypass my bandwidth monitor (DUMeter)? Is it also possible for a virus to connect to the internet and use up bandwidth while my computer is turned off?


Brantford, ON
Don't forget Al that Dumeter can only record the data being consumed by one device. Some people have built proxy servers and routed all internet data through it so that they can measure the total usage of all devices. Not easily set up though, but I'm sure some of the eggheads will tell you I'm wrong. :P

Although MSE says it protects and scans for malware, I've found it misses a lot. You might try SpyBot or MalwareBytes for scanning all your machines in case there is anything rouge on them using data.

No chance you just started using Netflix or some other streaming service? Rogers anywhere tv, is pretty shifty about using the word FREE everywhere, but it does use data when you watch it online.

I find it pretty sad that we're running around like idiots worrying about usage just so Rogers can capitalize on data and penalize you for not watching cable tv and using streaming.

Some of us here are old enough to remember how ridiculous long distance rates used to be. Remember waiting till 11pm to make a call to another area code? Let alone another province or country? Now long distance is practically free or costs pennies and Bell is still the most profitable company in Canada.

... but I digress...


Gloucester, ON
reply to Al1989471
Don't be so quick to discount your own theory I had some odd readings like those myself, we also ran the scans thinking virus but we run a secure router and checked each device, no external connections no software going out of the bandwidth dept and 4 days where there was some odd uploads (one was 10gb) so I wouldn't be so quick to discount an issue at rogers bean counter dept. Maybe they ran short of their cash infusion quota and decided to try and collect.

Scarborough, ON
Yeah, in the vast majority of cases, from the computers, routers, a home networks I have been asked to fix, 99% of the time, its the customer, and not Rogers, Bellus etc. who has the issue. Not saying Rogers is perfect, but they just don't randomly pick people, make up some extra usage to steal a few dollars.

I am pretty sure people would be onto that rrrrreal quick.