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Darlington, SC
·Time Warner Cable

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Re: Time Warner Boosting Standard Speed to 15Mbps

First I want to thank you guys/gals on this forum because of this specific thread I was able to tell the Customer Service a couple of weeks ago "NO Thank You" to their suggestion that I take avantange of a special short term $5.00 upgrade from 10/1 to 15/1. I told the CS person that I've heard that the entire system will be increased very soon to 15/1 so I will NOT take this extra $5.00/mo right now.

Well...tonight at 6:15pm eastern I received notice via email from TWC that Yes!! 15/1 is available for no extra...

Edit 12/12/12 I have not seen the speed increase yet, even after a modem reset, but it could take a few days to change all the settings back in the headend...

I'm now seeing consistent 14-16/800-1.1 speeds

Edit off......

Here is the notice below...
so thanks again...you saved me $5.00/mo for the short term anyway...

Enjoy a better Internet experience on all your devices with an Internet speed increase of up to 50%.

To thank you for being a Time Warner Cable customer, we want you to have a better Internet experience on all your devices. That's why we're making your current Standard Internet download speed up to 50% faster.

With your Internet speed increase, you'll be able to:

• Download faster
• Enjoy better browsing
• Connect more of your devices
Up to 10/1 Mbps

Up to 15/1 Mbps*

50% Faster

Reset your modem now to get faster Internet.

Here's what you need to do:
1. Unplug the power cord from your modem.
2. Wait 10 seconds and then plug it back in.
3. Wait until the lights on the modem stabilize.
4. Reboot your computer.


15/1 is now working in Triad area North Carolina. Power Boosts to 24/1 for now. I have heard that powerboost will be gone when I get my purchased SB6141 installed. I am just happy to finally get rid of terrible 384 kbps upload.