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Flanders, NJ
reply to Network Guy

Re: It's that time of year again

Screwed for me too.

Boy, I can't wait to see if the packet loss starts again.

said by Seemsodd :

Opening email isn't affected by slow upload speed.

It is if it's packet loss affecting the line, as I unfortunately have 2 years of experience dealing with.


Tenafly, NJ
If you are on BOOST+ getting those speeds you need to call them and complain. They will fix it. Just call them every day it will get expensive to keep sending out trucks eventually someone will escalate it because the technicians don't work for free... cost them money, trust me it will get fixed.

Or you can post in the Optimum Direct forum.. give them your modem MAC address and let them try to see what is going on before sending someone out.


Flanders, NJ
I talked to CV so much I was sending e-mails back and forth with Wilt himself.

It got so irritating that when the problem was finally solved (at no thanks to anyone working on my situation), I never returned any calls with the supervisor I was talking to as I was just so exhausted with dealing with it on and off for TWO YEARS (and before that, 3 months straight) and was glad it was finally over.

This is why I have been so reluctant to start contacts again. I don't want to deal with it yet again.