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Apache Junction, AZ
·T-Mobile US
reply to dragonman300

Re: Cant wait for Tmobile to bring 1900mhz in Orange Country!

It looks like out of thousands of towers they aren't converting very many of them so you'd have to live or work right next to one of the converted ones to be able to use it. Remember they only have a range of about 1/2 a mile so if you aren't close to one you are out of luck. Out of hundreds of towers on the E. side of Phoenix I can pickup about 6-7 3G towers on 1760Mhz all around me and there's one "4G" tower 2 miles away but the only one shown on the map that's 3G on 1900Mhz is about 5 miles away, much to far to use unless I drive right over to it.