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[Qwest] diminished node in Roswell NM

Hello everyone!

I was using the internet tonight, around peak time. I noticed that the internet was running very slow. Called up CenturyLink tech support, guy says I am on a diminished node. Speed tests are all over the place, as well as pings are very high. My question is could CTL be deploying higher speeds, or just old equipment and they wont fix it?

they call me Mr. Bill
North Las Vegas, NV
What you are experiencing are symptoms of congestion. It usually means you are on an over-sold DSLAM. They have added more users than they have bandwidth to support. They may fix it, but don't hold your breath waiting.

Troy Mcclure

Portland, OR
diminished node, is that the new term CL uses these days? I haven't heard that one before.


reply to theraven167
Gotta be the aliens using the bandwidth to transmit back to home planet. haha but on a serious note I feel your pain it seems like a common problem with centurylink even on the DSLAM's that have fiber optics get congested


reply to theraven167
My connection has low speeds. Im trained at over 4000 down and 768 up. Modem always shows those speeds... however when I test tbe speeds half of the time they are right on where they should be other times not so much. Thjs problem only started a few weeks ago. First I thought it was the modem but the stats look fine. Pings are high everywhere ive tested. All phone jacks are filtered. No audible line noise. Per the words of others im not liking paying for what im not getting. At one time the connection was rock solid! That was before all of this and before century link