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Cable TV service without a TV (and being charged taxes)

I subscribed to a discounted Comcast Blast package that includes Digital Economy TV service for $49.99/month. I was told this is cheaper than Blast only.

*However, I don't own a TV.

***I don't rent a cable box.***

***Under the "Overview" tab on the xfinity website,it shows I only have Internet service only. ***

*On the taxes portion of my bill, I am being billed for TV taxes, local regulatory fees, etc.

How does Comcast allow me to subscribe to TV service without requiring I have a cable box?

And most importantly, how can I be charged taxes for a service I have no means to access?

Miami, FL
Being billed, and actually having the service are two different things.

What I suspect was that the phone rep, or whoever you ordered the service through, to give you a better deal, signed you up for the TV combo package.

This is an incorrect way of doing it, as now you are being taxed on services that Comcast believes you are using, when in fact you are not.

The reason you only have Internet service is because a box was never assigned or setup for you.
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Comcast Guy

Harrisburg, PA
reply to nlew
I don't know the billing system, but it would seem to me that the deal they gave you includes TV service, therefore, the system will automatically charge you the appropriate taxes because it has to.

The Blast Internet alone is about $70 a month (give or take a few bucks depending on location) out of promo, so they did save you some money.


reply to nlew
They actually identified many customers in this exact scenario. They were supposed to start sending out self install kits with a box to customers without one. They will send you a box if you request it, or you could pay a tech to install it. Or what you can do is pay full blast price of $70+ dollars, your call.


Grandville, MI
reply to nlew
Not all markets require a box to have basic service, although most are leaning that way. Just because you dont have a box, doesnt mean you can put the cable straight into the tv. Comcast has no way of knowing if you own a TV

Call centers will frequently bundle someone who has internet only into a basic tv/internet bundle to decrease their bill. It makes the bill cheaper than having internet only. Due to franchise agreements there is those fees and also taxes.

If you call in and have them remove the TV service, those fees will go away. Most likely the price of your internet service will go up. Should be a matter of simple math to figure out if it is cheaper with an internet only bill or TV/internet bundle with the said taxes and fees.

Quakertown, PA
reply to nlew
i can subscribe to basic service here and the first box is free. dont really think i would expect a discount on a free box if i dont have it.


reply to nlew
Hundreds or thousands of subscribers have discounted packages, regardless if they use all services. A popular example is the Triple Play. Customers without a computer, (usually, but not limited to elderly) still get all three services, and very common, subscribers do not have a regular telephone also sign up for the reduced rate. Is your package really Blast Plus which includes Xfinity Streampix?


Union City, GA
reply to nlew
You live in America, taxes and death are the only two things that are guaranteed to us. You should be thanking the person that signed you up for TV service, Comcast Internet alone is almost $80 a month, so someone had the decency to help you save money.


Saving money is good.

Government collecting taxes on services not used and no method to access is bad.

However, to update the original post, the pricing of the bundle is so much lower than standalone internet that even with paying taxes, the total price is much less.

At the comcast office, they advised that 1 standard definition box was free, so if I ever got a TV, I can just pick up a box to use. Also, I have access to Streampix, so even without a TV, I can watch old TV shows like Knight Rider, etc. on my computer.


Carlisle, PA
said by nlew :

Saving money is good.

Government collecting taxes on services not used and no method to access is bad.

Why is it bad? If you buy the service you should pay the taxes on the purchase. Government should not have to determine if you use the item/service you buy. What is next? Should the government refund sales tax on clothes you buy but never wear?