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N5X 0H2

Latest Streaming Solutions.

Ok, First day here been, Reading the Post for years and playing with different things just to keep up on whats been going on. Now its time to pull the plug on Rogers and their bankrupting rates and with the laws changing on downloading I need to protect myself!

So I'm in need of some direction based on these post over the many years, what are the best solutions today (DEC 2012).

First I'm going Techsavvy for internet, I like the unlimited download and prices... I'm also 10 feet from the box, so my speeds should be no different then what they are now.... I'm also getting the SB6121 to go with it.

I have Cisco ES3000, based on my reading flashing it to Tomato USB with Open VPN Client will be my best option for full LAN support and Security. I'm thinking usenet, or astraweb for my vpn servers. Though still not sure if unblock-us is ok to use.

my FreeNas server works great as is so my media home media server works great. But I think I want hulu+ and US Netflex as well.

I'm going to use my xbox for my main TV and buy some WD TV boxes for the small TVs, maybe look at making XBMC unit later...

What am I missing, what am I wrong about, what are the best current Broadband Solutions for Canadians today?

Thanks for any help in this matter

Kitchener, ON
Your plan sounds good to me!

XBMC is great and our HTPC works very well with this software.


N5X 0H2
Tech Savvy has their own HTPC now? you have a link?


Montreal, QC
reply to shoei
XBMC is great. You can also look at OPENELEC which is a bare metal version of xbmc, no need to install additional OS on the machine.