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Grasshoper like service that's in Canada?

We are using Cell phones now for work and my friend showed me Grasshopper.com which he loves. It's basically a virtual PBX except extensions are set to forward to cell phone numbers and it gives a lot of cool features like transferring calls and so on and is pretty inexpensive.

I signed up but because it's a US company, when they pass the caller ID of the person calling, it only shows the # and not the name on their forwarded call which makes it useless for us to not have the name of the person calling on our cell. We use voip.ms right now which works fine and does this, I just liked how Grasshopper said they don't use VoIP and are more designed as a hosted PBX company. Curious if there are alternatives or any that anyone knows of that is in Canada so passes caller ID name?

IP Telephony Addict
Victoria, BC

I'll give them credit for at least maintaining plausibility that they don't use the public Internet for their backhauls.

Here's their Canadian CLEC: »www.globility.ca/services.htm

I'm not sure you'll find many low cost solutions that don't involve an IP leg somewhere in the call path, since that's the way the market has been heading for some time.
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