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East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to gigahurtz

Re: Usage drops?

It's obvious, their network is overblown.

About a year ago I could get 700kbps which was workable for $25/month, but in the last 6-8 months down to edge speed (128kbps) MAX. At that speed streaming is pretty much useless, web pages take 10 seconds or more, GPS takes a minute to boot, etc.

In any case, I took my business to ST for $45, however the LOW is about 2 MBps and in good signal areas 7 Mbps. Even when TMO goes into EDGE (lots of areas in buffalo) it goes down to 180kbps which ironically is faster than a good day on the Sprint 3G network.

Put bluntly, Sprint saturated their network w/ iphones and smartphones on boost/VM/MVNO all over the place, and has been dragging on backhaul upgrades. Result: 1985 network speeds.

I feel bad for contract people, because they are stuck (well ETF ish), and to make matters worse Wimax is dead and they are deploying LTE at a snails pace.

I understand building networks is slow and expensive, however by allowing unlimited without a throttle (like Verizon) is simply KILLING their network. They are like 2 years behind Verizon on the adoption curve. Even VZ only has less than 20% on LTE to this day, so this problem is going to fester for another 2 years.

Add on top of that they are saddled w/ EvDO ( at lest TMO has 4Gish speeds), and the pain will continue.