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Westerville, OH

[OH] Ultimate Internet Speed Problem - Cleveland, Ohio area

I was hoping to possibly get a tech on here to look at my connection and see if there's a problem somewhere, please. Here's what's happening. My download speed has been about half of what I would normally get at a certain speedtest site (it's a site that I have used for years and is always my go-to speedtest as it's been accurate). Usually I get around 60Mbps but I am lucky if I get 30 now. I have tried different browsers and PC's but, for the past 2 weeks, the speed has been bad. This is the same problem I had back in April when I first got Ultimate and a tech on here was extremely helpful in getting it fixed.

Also does anyone know if the Cleveland, Ohio area is getting the Ultimate speed increase that's currently available in Northern Virginia and Rhode Island? I feel like I am getting ripped off now paying $100 month and only getting half of the speed that they get in Virg. and Rhode Island.

Chesapeake, VA
I'm not seeing anything from this end that would indicate a problem. Have you tried without the router to see if there is a difference?