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Admittedly, A Teksavvy Fan

Toronto CAN.
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reply to bt

Re: Voltage-Hurt Locker Lawsuit Round 2 Against Teksavvy Users

said by bt:

said by hm :

Just started reading the voltage doc's.

Yeah they are claiming these 2000+ IP's are "enablers" as I thought. "Distributing and aiding in theft".

They are also claiming these people profited off of them (ie. commercial theft).

Not quite. It looks, to me, like they're claiming people might have profited off of them, and in such cases (on a case by case basis) will pursue higher damages rather than the statutory damages for non-commercial infringement. So basically, they're leaving the option open.

Though I'm sure they'll play that up in any settlement offers to try to scare people.

Well I hope folks aren't intimidated by the accusations of commercial theft. It is virtually impossible to prove unless someone is caught selling cds in mall by the cops. Besides that is a criminal matter (felony) I think, not civil and requires evidence and proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
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