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Glen Head, NY
reply to Twaddle

Re: Where's the penalty?

said by Twaddle :

Comcast spends 13.8 Billion and pays 800K "fine" for flat out lying to the Feds, no one gets punished and everyone makes money right? If it were Joe Blow, lying to the Feds gets jail time AND a fine.
Just more proof that only in Amerika can you buy innocence and justice, Amerika where the Government is for sale to the highest bidder. The stench from Washington DC sickens the common man

Leona Helmsley was right but she didn't broaden her scope. Yes, only the little people pay taxes but the little people also go to jail and get the bulk of government punishment. Had she kept her mouth quiet, they would not have singled her out to make an example off. Other than her, and Martha Stewart, there aren't too many big wigs that get carted off to jail.
I support the right to keep and arm bears.