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Re: [Line Problem] DSL wide spread outage? ?????

Yes, it is down on the central coast, too (Monterey, Ca)


.we live by Sutter Creek,ca. We have had continual problems with our phone line and dsl since the middle of November. It will be the 4th time they have to come out. The last time it was 15 days, we had it back 2 and a new storm hit, its out again. They told us they will hurry to fix by the 27th. Right now the sun is out and we have intermittent service this minute. But it will go out soon as we are expecting a new storm. We have been told repeatedly it is a cable problem. But the cable is not being fixed, just stop gap measures. It sure feels like we are last on the list as we are rural, retired, and have a asthmatic granddaughter here. Att does not seem to care about us rural folk, we don't bring in the money like the city. Anyone else having this problem out there
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Re: [Line Problem] DSL wide spread outage? ?????

Another twist. Just purchased 2 new Dell Win 8 touch screens....All-in-Ones. Purchased the last week of November, delivered first week of December. Also have a Dell laptop with Win 7. The 2 Win 8 machines suffer constant internet disconnects....5 or 6 times a day, while the Lap Top keeps plugging along without any problems. Have spent 3 or 4 hours on the phone with ATT and at least 5 or 6 hours on the phone with Dell. This is over a week and a half. No one can put a finger on my problem. Dell tests indicate my computers are working just fine. ATT tests indicate the line and modem are OK. If this is the case, then why does Win 7 work without a hitch and the Win 8 machines are un-reliable? I asked Dell about going back to Win 7 and they were not too happy. I asked ATT if I should get rid of my ATT supplied modem and get another brand, and they were not too happy with that either. Any suggestions?