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Keller, TX

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Re: NZBMatrix Situation

It's not like they've accomplished anything at all, which is really funny. The money they spend on being aggressive does nothing. It's really a big joke like the "war on drugs". All the billions that have been spent and nothing good has come from that at all either.

Seriously, I use pay-per-view for most movies, that's fine and the pricing is OK. I download TV shows because my wife horks up the DVR (and I skip the commercials on the DVR anyway - only harm is a lower viewer count for the show). But, I've always had a music industry attitude problem. Back about late 1988 I already had over 200 cd's and I read an article somewhere (popular science or something like it probably) that was talking about how CD's costs about 25% of the cost of cassettes to manufacture and ship yet the music industry was charging 150% to 200% more for CD's.

So, I guess it was back in late 1988 when I amended the "thou shall not steal" rule with "unless you are stolen from first". Freaking music industry.

I really got into ripping and sharing in 1997 when I worked for Intel in Oregon (Jones Farm campus in Beaverton). Some of the guys there had set up a Intranet music server that was shared to two other campus and man, they had everything. I ended up replacing all that stuff though because that was when ripping was only analog based. Sometimes I wonder how long that server stayed up. That was also the first year I had to go buy 80m special CD's online and Nero to get past some things for games. And, I think Half-Life came out that year because we all went to a LAN part and had to run out to some store to buy copies because it required different keys to plan head to head on LAN.

I use to have a shoebox full of Commodore 64 game disks and a notcher to turn single sided floppies into dual sided floppies. That one made me angry too - charging more for dual sided disks when they were all the same except for the notch in the case.

No one gets screwed more than the consumer.