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That Chick

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Questions to answer when posting for help

Looking for help? Here are a few questions that will make the troubleshooting process considerably quicker and easier:

1) Brief description of your problem. Include the following:
   a) How long the issue has been occurring?
   b) When the issue is most noticeable?
   c) What troubleshooting steps have you taken yourself?
   d) Have you power cycled (removed power and restored) the affected device?

2) How is your:
   CATV service?
   Digital Phone service?
   Internet service?

3) Have you contacted customer support about this problem? If so, what did they say?

4) Info about you:
   a) What city are you in?
   b) What is your operating system?
   c) What is your home network setup? Provide details.
   d) If you have more than one computer, is the problem occuring on all other machines?
   e) Are you running a firewall of any sort? Have you ever installed one? Did you try to turn it off during troubleshooting?
   f) Have you tried bypassing your router and plugging the PC directly to the modem and evaluating if your problem still exists?
   g) Please supply a traceroute from you to Unedited and in text format. (edit out your IP if you wish).
   * »Site FAQ »How do I run a traceroute and post the results in the forums?

5) Further Info: If you're posting about:
   a) Connectivity issues: Please post a line test.
   b) Speed Issues: post at least one speed test. (although these are not considered proof of a problem)
   c) Latency: Traceroutes traceroutes traceroutes. Pings too.

If your issue is related to our Internet or Digital Phone service, have the MAC address of your modem/eMTA ready in case we need it.

   PC - Click the Start Menu and then select All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. In the black window that pops up type: getmac /v
   look for your network adapter in the list and the physical address is the MAC number needed.

   MAC - Go Apple Menu > About This Mac > More Info > Network

    * The MAC address should contain 6 sets of HEX numbers for example: 00:A0:23:C9:12:FF

If your issue is related to our CATV service, know the model # of the DCT or DTA in question.

Thanks to Cogeco_Aaron for his assistance in putting this list together.

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