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Ashburn, VA

Real Story About Statistics

This brings up a concern for mobile data usage across the board, and not strictly with Sprint.

We are frequently presented with usage data statistics that have been implemented by the industry to justify the caps and associated pricing. It might be that these stats are absolutely incorrect and that usage is most directly impacted by the quality of the network, and NOT by the demands of the consumers.

If network quality is truly the predominant factor on any stats related to usage, as it appears to be in this instance with Sprint, are we certain that this is not also the greatest factor with every wireless service provider?

There is certainly a direct relationship with the quality of the network and data usage, but I'm curious to know by what degree this impacts the average usage statistics.

I suspect the average consumer wants access to a lot more data, but they just can't get it reliably. Sprint is not able to say that demand is down based on these stats any more than Verizon or AT&T can say they are meeting the demands of their customers, because the usage stats are broken and they do not tell the full story.