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Tyler, TX

TX - AT&T DSL another lying retention agent_Choices?

Appears there's lots of mislead customers (at best), mis quoted prices, promised one deal then billed for another.
Q-1: Don't any customers report them to BBB and / or State Atty. Gen. (consumer complaint dept) - for outright lies, deception & at times, false advertising? Maybe if enough did, things might get a LITTLE better.

Q-2: What are users' choices in TX / Houston area? Have others been persistent enough w/ AT&T retention to get decent discounts on DSL?

I have dry loop dsl pro - 3.0 mbps (also have AT&T wireless - just not bundled). Just came off a 1 yr Retention "deal" - $14.95 for 3.0 mbps (and have family wireless plan w/ AT&T).
Now the want to raise my DSL rate to $28 / mo for 3.0 Pro. Supposedly, having wireless w/ them qualifies for $10 disct., even if not bundled. Said "now, 3.0 DSL -unbundled is $38 / mo. (When IF you wanted TV cable, could get 30 mbps internet for $30 - least for 1 yr). No, won't get 30 mbps, but it'd be > 3.0 mbps.

Called retention dept (have agent's name & conf. #) for promise to continue dry loop dsl @ $19 / 6 mo. She said "they weren't offering $14.95 for new or other customers ANYMORE," even though told her I see the TV ads AND saw them several times AFTER our conversation. Yes, they ARE for DSL w/o phone service, 3.0 mbps.

She said "they're not really signing up new DSL customers (I suppose in my area) because they've installed fiber optic. So why are they advertising DSL so much?
I also believe, "once you go Uverse, you can never go back - to DSL." And guessing, once get Uverse internet, they'll keep raising prices.

Sent me confirmation letter of my "new agreement." Confirm. # matched what they gave over phone, BUT for $24.95 / 6 mo, NOT $19. Even going thru their online pricing "process" for Uverse 3.0 w/ bundled (existing) wireless, the price is 19.95.
Seems from complaints & my past experiences, AT&T has no shame about telling customers bald faced lies, changing rates on existing customers w/o notification.

I live in suburbs of Houston, but very densely populated. Here, other than cable, they are a true monopoly on internet, except for cable. Again, ONE co. has monopoly in given "territory" AND usually only offer discount on internet when bundled w/ TV (don't need / can't afford TV cable). If you get Charter cable internet w/ TV, often run 1 yr pricing of $30 each ($60).

Sometimes, one might get a Charter cable promo for internet only. I've used this "threat" in past to get AT&T discounts.

Unlike landline, mobile, electric - internet seems to be a true monopoly in many areas - w/ blessing of FCC / FTC, though large scale monopolies are supposed to be illegal.


Dallas, TX
I feel you!

Read what I had to go through for 3 months here and then after I got it all straightened it out and got a credit on my account, they tell me I need to go to UVerse or not have internet:

»How do I talk to AT&T Retention?

»AT&T Switching me to UVerse without my permission!

I talk to AT&T today and they guaranteed me on the phone I won't be double billed for DSL which was deactivated last Thursday and UVerse which was activated last Thursday.

I guess we will see when the bill comes!


Tyler, TX
reply to whyamihere
I'd still like to know if others have come across better options in TX , perhaps S. TX, than ATT DSL (I think some promotions vary by -large- cities, in same state).

I called back to retention dept. today. One tip: ALWAYS get name(s) of persons you speak to & make plenty of notes. Ask them to repeat important facts / figures, when taking notes. IT HELPS when have to call back - to ANY business. If you don't have the facts down or don't sound like you know what you're talking about, often you won't get jack. Remember, they're trained liars.

Yes, they lied (uh, made a mistake). No, they "couldn't honor" the 6 mo promo price the other agent gave me (19.00), but did agree to give half off current "regular" $43 prices of 3.0 DSL (so, 21.50). Another mistake - other agent told me "regular" 3.0 DSL price was $38. I think it changes on a daily basis. I've definitely seen that before w/ ATT.

THIS agent offered, w/o me asking, to issue a one time credit, for difference in price quoted a week ago & what showed up on the mailed Order Confirmation.
PLUS, because I kept my cool, but made it VERY clear I'd spent way too long on the phone, to straighten out THEIR error, she gave a $50 (well, at least promised) credit for my trouble.

But bottom line is, $43 + tax for ANY type 3.0 mbps internet is over the top, especially in south, where most all prices, land, wages are much lower. Hell, you can get unbundled 30 mbps cable here for 1 yr @ 30.00. No, won't get 30 mbps, but definitely > 3 mbps, for less $???

No way I'll ever pay $43+ for 3 mbps service, if have ANY choice. In another yr, someone else will have a promo.

BTW, appears that here, for now, Uverse 6mbps REG $ is same as 3.0 DSL - REG $. They're trying to drive people to Uverse. My guess - soon as they get enough signed up (& can't go back to DSL), they'll JACK UP Uverse $ - Reeeeaall good!
Since here, like Walmart in small towns, ATT has monopoly on internet, they do what they want. Satellite isn't competitive - esp. if don't have their TV.

AFAIK, until recently, cable didn't offer unbundled internet around here. Or if did, wasn't competitive w/ dSL & only cheap during promos, then jacked way up.

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San Jose, CA
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said by whyamihere:

I'd still like to know if others have come across better options in TX , perhaps S. TX, than ATT DSL (I think some promotions vary by -large- cities, in same state).

You might check out DSL Extreme. They are a reseller of regular AT&T ADSL; and have the same introductory prices. But they can't re-sell "dry loop" service.

WRT lying: A lie is a falsehood presented by a person who knows the truth, and deliberately fabricates the falsehood to obscure, or deny the truth. Having just spent a few moments at the '' web site, trying to find what service is available at what price, I honestly don't know how a reasonably intelligent person can make sense of the information presented. I would not be surprised if any three people could come up with three different prices; and all three be wrong. Would each of the wrongs be a "lie" if the person citing the data believed it was true, and was not trying to obfuscate, or deny truth?

WRT discounts: All of the $14.95 plans I found carried caveats about bundling, and being one-time introductory prices for new customers only. A friend recently came to the end of her $14.95 promotion, and was unable to get it renewed. When they started raising my price, I was unable to get any discounts. When I finally left for another provider, they suddenly could offer a discount which wasn't available when I was a customer (I turned it down because it was still higher than my new service provider charges). Once you pass your first year, or whatever promotional period ending, whichever comes first, count on them resisting discount requests. My friend just gave up, and pays them the $25 for her plan.

WRT to ADSL availability: The ADSL plans, in the legacy SBC regions, used to be called: "at&t Yahoo! HSI 'x'", where 'x' was one of, "Basic", "Express", "Pro", or "Elite". I see that now they have replaced the "at&t Yahoo! HSI" with "DSL". ADSL is no longer available throughout the AT&T regions; they are replacing it with the newer "IP-DSL" service branded as, "U-verse HSI 'x'". If you want regular ADSL service, you may need to find a CLEC provider, such as, "DSL Extreme".

WRT prices: It appears that the four slower "U-verse HSI" tiers are priced the same, both in promotion, and in regular service, as legacy ADSL. So if you get "U-verse HSI" with a promotional price; yes, your bill will, eventually, go up. I was actually seriously considering dropping down to a slower, cheaper tier when AT&T introduced "cap & overage". At which point I started looking for a provider with no caps. Two in my area: DSL Extreme, and, LLC. I chose, and kicked AT&T to the curb. Alas, my choice,, LLC, is not available outside of California.
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Tyler, TX
Thanks Norman. I checked out (from another post) & saw they're only in CA. No, there don't seem to be any DSL resellers here. Unfortunately, I don't need phone bundling (or its cost), nor cable bundled w/ Inet. But, I'll keep looking.

Lies, half truths, mis information, incompetency, corporate "controlled info" they give CSR's. The Corp. may give one CSR different info than another. It all stinks.
Perhaps this time was a mistake, but at least 3 times, I'm positive AT&T reps have lied. Many, many other times they're "made mistakes." Also plenty of incompetency, poor training to go around.

I believe, just as many have complained on many forums, providers like ATT promise one thing over the phone, then when bill comes / or confirmation (like I got), it's another deal. Lots of business people flat out lie - lawyers, doctors, insurance cos., car dealerships - on & on.

They're banking on enough people NOT calling back to make it worthwhile. If you're not used to dealing w/ these marketers (or maybe untrained), they often try to confuse people. If you don't have the patience or "need" to get back to Vampire Diaries, you probably won't call back.

I've gotten my DSL bill reduced, in last 4 - 5 yrs, totaling many hundreds. Once from 35 to 14.95 for same 3.0 speed. And my GOLDEN RULE is, if I have to call back to straighten out THEIR mistake, I'm going to be compensated. That goes for pretty much anywhere.
Once I ordered a custom PC online. They kept screwing up the order. EVERY one of the 4 - 5 times I had to call back, I demanded another $50 off. Once, they only gave me $25.

I'll be reading up on pros / cons of Uverse & perhaps posting over next few mo.
I think they'll phase out DSL, as many have said & I'll be forced to make some decision.

Houston, TX
» is a local, Houston based reseller - but since you're making a fuss over $15 going to $28, I wouldn't even bother. Their service will be a bit more expensive for the same speeds since you'd need to add at least a basic phone line and the fees/taxes that come with it.
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reply to whyamihere
If you can get charter do it, speeds are very good. Their lowest 30Mb internet is almost as much as ATT allots for their highest Uverse profile, its pitiful.

I have the Charter 100 and would never go back. I also get the standard channels thru the low 100's for 93.00 (tax inc)/month.


Tyler, TX
Thanks. Charter, like AT&T, has a monopoly on cable in my area (as other cable cos. do elsewhere). So, they'd be my only choice. Good to know you get good speed, but I've always read that cable speeds can vary for same co., even in different parts of town.

Thanks Mr. Name Removed,
I've looked at Oplink for yrs. They used to be relatively competitive - not any more. They're now $50 for 3.0 DSL + 15-20/mo for a cheap ATT landline. Way more than ATT. As far as "making as fuss," since I'm scraping bottom & you're well off, could you spot me a few $ each mo?

For the record, it was going from $15 to 43 - 336 / yr. If that was my only bill, wouldn't matter. But I got them back to 19/mo + $50 cr. because they're either liars, truly incompetent (yr after yr, since they changed from SBC to AT&T), or both.

But I do that every yr w/ DSL, plus saving 600 / yr - every yr - by ditching ATT phone & getting VOIP. Switched elec. providers & save ~ $250 /yr. How much is that saved all totaled over last 5 yrs alone?

Let's see - which is more important. About 5K / yr for health insur + 2 - 3K out of pocket med expenses so my wife can have a decent life, or super fast internet / 100 + TV channels? If others have the $, don't have high personal debt (like the avg 10- 12K for Americans), I say spend all you want.

Houston, TX
said by whyamihere:

As far as "making as fuss," since I'm scraping bottom & you're well off, could you spot me a few $ each mo?

Take it easy, tiger. There's no need to get excited.

I call every year to do the same but I must have some good luck because AT&T never gives me the third degree about pricing. My 6mbit service always comes down from ~$45/month to ~$33/month on the first request. It's been a few years now and they've yet to bust my balls over pricing.
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Longview, TX
reply to NormanS
said by NormanS See Profile
You might check out DSL Extreme. They are a reseller of regular AT&T ADSL; and have the same introductory prices. But they can't re-sell "dry loop" service.

Meh. What other options are there in the DFW area? I'm not planning to get a land line.