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Jersey City, NJ
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Re: Actiontec MI424WR FIOS N Router REV. I

Wondering if I can sneak this question in here as it pertains to the REV I.

I already have a Rev I router and recently got hold of another Rev I router. Figured I would do MOCA bridge and then leave the wireless on and set it up as per the instruction in this site. (love the site btw) At first I was ecstatic that the wireless signal in my basement was much stronger now.
Then we did some testing. We needed to stream a video of the basement to the upstairs via Skype and both were connected to the same SSID. After about 10-15 minutes the source computer in the basement with the camera started to stutter and eventually come to a halt. I got to thinking that it would be the wireless as that's how both are connected.
Looked around and saw that check MOCA stats and saw that the Coax Wan stats of the basement revI was around ~75. Now when I hooked it up to the Coax I did not use a splitter as I am trying to eliminate a box where this connection is.
Am I doing something wrong with the settings? Is there another area for me to check?
Should I start a new thread with this question?

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West Chester, PA
Not clear from your post, which is the secondary router (basement?). The WAN port on the secondary router must be disabled per the instructions in the FAQ. If you've done that and the WAN coax stats you're referring to are for the primary router, then you have a cabling problem.

Assuming the basement router is the secondary router, then it should show "broadband coax down". i.e. no coax WAN stats.
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Jersey City, NJ
Yes, the basement is the secondary router. And I double checked and the WAN port is disabled. The stats are in the secondary router Coax Wan stats. Maybe it's just an anomaly and not a real reading as it is disabled?

Hopefully you can help me here a bit more.
I have a primary Actiontec router upstairs for G signal (2.4ghz only) and have an N router attached to it (5ghz only). They have .1 and .2 respectively as their Ip addresses. I also have a printer attached upstairs with an IP of .3. Now when I check the connections of the secondary router from the Main window it shows .2 as connected via Ethernet as well as another .2 connected via Coax. I also show from the secondary router connected via Coax a .1, .2 and .3. Is that how it should be?
Sorry, noob to this Moca bridging stuff.