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Bueller? Bueller?
El Dorado Hills, CA
reply to Hall

Re: Troubleshooting fast batt-drain....

said by Hall:

said by pflog:

You should NOT be using a task killer on Android 4.x.

Please stop spreading this FUD ! I've been hearing this since Android 1.6. Oh, and you forgot "Android is Linux-based - it doesn't need a task killer".

Why does HTC develop and include a task killer with their phones (others may as well but I've no experience - anyone know ?) ? Why does AOSP incorporate a task killer ?

It's not FUD. What YOU'RE spreading is FUD. If an app is written poorly and is constantly causing wakelocks and does not have a persistent service that restarts, killing it can help. But having an app that sits there killing things on an interval WILL cause worse battery drain with apps that aren't total junk.

The OP should be using better battery stats (or similar) to find the app that's misbehaving instead of running a task killer. Period.
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