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Parker, CO
reply to plencnerb

Re: [IPv6] Issues with IPv6 and pfsense

said by plencnerb:

Now the next step I think is to work with the mods to modify NetDog See Profile's thread to put a post that shows the configuration steps / changes that need to be made in this version of pfsense to get it to work. Once that is done, then delete all of the posts and troubleshooting steps from my case, as that configuration has now been confirmed to be working. Thoughts? Kind of like a cleanup / reset on the thread, and get it ready for the next user who comes along with configuration issues for a different piece of hardware.


how about a thread that just has the how-to? I have been thinking about writing a How-to for each of the routers and devices that I know about.. Thinking and on paper are two different things .. I have been working on a Juniper router\switch as of late so it has been taking my spare time.