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analog andy

Surrey, BC
reply to kevinds

Re: Basic cable - rep say digital box required... Huh?

said by kevinds:

Business internet, comes with the analog basic stations, for new customers too...

@analog andy, which speed of internet do you have?

Sorry I don't have internet with SHAW anymore. I got rid of that two years ago as the lines in my house are old and instead of running a new line they just kept on giving me splitters. After the third guy came in to install a new line it was raining a little and I guess he didn't want to get wet so my daughter said he told her this yet another splitter will fix the signal issues. Well obviously nothing happened and the internet and digital cable would go down every 15 min. So I canceled the internet and returned the digital box next day.

You wouldn't need to pay for/buy 4 OTA antennas, one would do, and a 4 way splitter

Yah looks like I'll need a signal booster. I'll get that set up this weekend.